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Cardiology is the medical specialty that deals with heart disorders which include minor issues such as heart burns, as well as major issues like, heart failures and valvular heart disease. When a patient is suffering heart problems, he schedules a visit to see a cardiologist. Those who practice cardiology are put through a rigorous process: going through medical school and then spending about six years in residency. All of which finally prepares them to practice heart medicine. Lakeview Cardiology has been serving the Cherry Valley, CA area for the last two years. Dr. Shadi Qasqas opened his practice in Southern California about a couple of years ago. Ever since locals have been visiting our office for cardiac treatments.

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Board Certified Cardiology Expert Near Cherry Valley, CA

Dr. Qasqas is a board certified cardiologist who has been practicing cardiology throughout Southern California. He understands that the best medicine is preventative which is why he stresses mostly preventative care to his patients. The mission of preventative medication is to prevent diseases from appearing in the first place. If you can address a medical condition before it appears, you save yourself from a great deal of pain and suffering in the future. By taking care of your heart and your health as the doctor emphasizes you can prevent the onset of a long list of heart problems.

Cardiology and Stress Management

One of the most potent techniques to prevent heart problems is stress management. Research shows that stress can be detrimental to personal health and lead to heart attacks. There are time-tested ways to deal with stress: by counting to ten before speaking, taking a walk in the park or anywhere, and taking deep breaths. All three of these techniques helps relieve stress, and consequently prevent heart attacks. Sometimes stress management is not enough, this is why Lakeview Cardiology specializes in a long list of cardiac procedures, which include:

  • Stent Placement — a piece of wire like medical device that is placed inside an artery to normalize blood flow to the heart. Some patients have clogged arteries which prevent blood from reaching the heart, when that is the case, a Stent Placement procedure must be done.
  • ICD and pacemaker insertion monitoring and removal — used when a patient has irregular heart rate.
  • Catheter ablation — a procedure designed to treat arrhythmia, better known as problematic heart rhythm.
  • Transcatheter aortic valve implantation/replacement — a new technology that allows cardiologist to treat aortic stenosis.

Cutting Edge Heart Care Near Cherry Valley, CA

Dr. Qasqas works with the most cutting edge technologies, so when you visit Lakeview Cardiology for any procedures you can be confident we will use the most recent medical treatment available to provide you the best possible care. If there is a new heart treatment out you can rest assured the heart doctor at Lakeview Cardiology knows about it and is employing it for his patients.

If you have heart problems, and are seeking a cardiologist, schedule an appoint with Lakeview Cardiology. We do not require referrals which means you can set up an appointment without acquiring a slip of paper from your primary care provider. We look forward to your call!