Dr. Qasqas

Dr. Shadi Qasqas, MD

Dr. Shadi Qasqas, a cardiologist practicing out of Lake Elsinore, CA, has more than 7-years of experience practicing internal medicine, cardiovascular disease, and cardiology. Doctor Qasqas graduated from the prestigious New York Medical College after completing 6-years of residency in cardiology and internal medicine.

In 2013 while Dr. Qasqas was working in St. Bernardine Medical Center, the hospital received the Distinguished Hospital Award for Clinical Excellence, placing it in the same league with the top five percent of hospitals in the United States.

After earning his qualifications from NYMC Dr. Qasqas spent more than a decade practicing heart medicine in various California hospitals including at Corona Regional Hospital and Loma Linda University Medical Center. The varieties of experience has not only solidified Dr. Qasqas’s medical experience and qualifications but it allowed him an opportunity to learn from his colleagues, incorporating their best practices into his own medical practice at Lakeview Cardiology.