Welcome to Lakeview Cardiology

At Lakeview Cardiology we specialize on everything that has to do with the human heart, it is what a cardiologists does and much more. A cardiologist is a certified doctor who treats problems relating to the cardiovascular system, mainly the heart, arteries, and other associated organs. Dr. Shadi Qasqas is a board certified cardiologist who has more than 7-years of experience working with patients who have heart problems. He can assist you if you have a heart issue.

Besides a superbly competent doctor, here at Lakeview Cardiology, we have the most amiable staff who are compassionate and empathetic towards the needs of our patients. We feel, if our service is provided with a smile, it not only puts our staff in a good mood but also our patients. So smile when you visit us.

Heart Problems

We treat a large number of problems that leads to heart problems like stress which we address using stress management, arrhythmia by providing the proper medications or telling you about pacing options, and heart block by having you undergo electrocardiogram. Remember, we first test you thoroughly for any heart problems; once we are completely certain that a treatment is required, only then do we commence with operations after informing you of all the effects associated with certain treatments. See the complete list of procedures we do.

We accept all major insurance companies as well as Medicare and Medicaid. Make an appointment to see Dr. Qasqas today (951) 471-0200

We are in the business of making people well so that they can live their lives to the utmost fulfillment.